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  E-manual CCD (50 downloads)

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The Bungard CCD/2-Eco is equipped with a low-cost eco-spindle which allows speeds from 5000 up to 35000 U / min. For normal everyday work such as isolation milling and contour milling of printed circuit boards, this spindle is highly sufficient. For aluminum and non-ferrous metals however not. Of course the machine can be upgraded at any time thereafter with a high-speed spindle.

The CCD/2-Eco is a high quality Computer Controlled Drilling machine with semi-automatic tool change. It allows direct processing of Excellon / Sieb & Meyer drill data or HP-/ GL data for the production of printed circuit boards (drilling, milling, isolation routing) and milling/engraving of plastics.

In addition to the spindle the Bungard CCD/2-Eco can be upgraded with a dispensing device for solder paste or glue, a laser exposure head for exposing photoresists and a camera for calibration and inspection tasks.



  • Range of RPM: 5.000 – 35.000
  • Traveling speed: 1 – 9000 mm/min
  • Resolution: 0,01 µm
  • Step resolution: Software selectable: 1 mil, ½ mil, ¼ mil, 1/8mil, optional: 1/16mil + 1/32mil
  • Tool diameter: 0.1 mm – 3,175 mm (recommended, bigger tool diameter possible)
  • Position accuracy: 3,2µm
  • Maximum position speed per axis: 9000/mm/min (=150 mm/s)
  • Maximum working speed per axis: 9000/mm/min (=150 mm/s), individual setting on a
    per-tool basis, independent from position speed
  • Drill speed: 5/s (= 9.000 holes/h = 150 holes/min)
  • Required accessories: Computer
  • Board fixation: span fixing, clamp fixing, reference pin system, stack processing possible
    Option: vacuum fixation



  • vacuum table
  • protection hood or protection rack
  • converter software IsoCam
  • fi ducial recognition and calibration with camera
  • laser exposure of photo resists
  • aluminium work table
  • routers engine adapter for plastic milling
  • Upgrade to Kavo high-frequency spindle (this requires: Spindle holder 33mm, spindle 4010, inverter in Al-housing for mounting on the Y-carriage, 8-wire Chainfl ex control wire).



E-manual CCD (50 downloads)

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