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HOTPLATE 04 is a flat and powerful under heater. Fast temperature ramp-up rates of up to 2°C/s allow efficient work on heavy electrical systems with flat bottom surface. The heating power of 700 W is sufficient for heating up heavy, metallic substrates to high temperatures. This allows for rework and cleaning within LED applications to be carried out optimally with the manual soldering iron. The high temperature homogeneity over the hot plate area prevents unwanted local hot spots and ensures safe operation. The intuitive menu navigation allows for the under-heating system to be set to a consistent temperature.The innovative heat management provides highest temperature repeatability and maximum stability. Furthermore, the under-heating system can control devices (e.g. for removal by suction) or configure them in such a way that they become activated by external devices (SPS or foot switches), for which there are electrical interfaces.

Product variants in the shop

Hotplate-04-perspective03HB00.0041HOTPLATE 04 – 700 W, 230 Vx 1auf Anfrage
Hotplate-04-perspective03HB00.0042HOTPLATE 04 – 700 W, 115 Vx 1auf Anfrage


  • Under heater HP04
  • Manual

Technical details

Power consumption:720 VA
Power under-heating system:700 WResistive heater
Size under-heating system:115 x 125 mm2
Temperature range:50 °C – 300 °C1°C steps
Temperature homogeneity:+-5°C @ 300°C
Mains:1 Phase, 85 – 250 VAC, 50 – 60 Hz
Cooling:Electrically, 2 x fans
Dimensions:150 x 300 x40 mm3
Weight:800 g


Modules & attachments

Martin-1240-Hot Air Temperature Meter HTM 06HT00.0001Hot Air Temperature Meter HTM 06x 1auf Anfrage
Martin-4302-Flux Creme lead free 18gHT00.0119Flux Creme lead-free 18gx 1auf Anfrage
Martin-4302-Flux Creme lead free 100gHT00.0117Flux Creme lead free 100gx 1auf Anfrage
Martin-4304-Flux Pen lead freeHT00.0009Flux Pen lead-freex 1auf Anfrage
Martin-4311-SMD AdhesiveVD90.1009SMD Adhesive 5ccmx 1auf Anfrage

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