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Compact hybrid reflow oven
For reball and reflow processes on BGA, CSP and QFN components at the best temperature distribution.

The MINIOVEN 05 is a compact and robust table-top device specially designed for reballing of BGAs and prebumping of QFN components. The device is used in development and production. The efficient hybrid heating technology heats up electronic components evenly from all sides and thereby guarantees reproducible reballing results. Up to 25 heating profiles can be set up, administered and saved through the intuitive menu navigation.An additional external temperature sensor is used to ensure the highest possible reliability as the device automatically adjusts the reballing profiles. Through the sensor, the optimal profile settings for achieving the specified component temperatures are determined through the sensor. The EASYBEAM software allows for the convenient editing of reballing profiles as well as for the temperature history to be depicted. Aside from the reballing process for BGA components, there are also images and provisions available for the prebumping of QFN components. The device possesses a connection for process gas. This allows the reflow processes to be easily converted to nitrogen-based atmospheres.

Product variants in the shop

HB00.0025MINIOVEN 05, 230 Vx 1auf Anfrage
Minioven-05-Perspektive01HB00.0027MINIOVEN 05, 115 Vx 1auf Anfrage


  • MINIOVEN 05 Base Unit
  • Sensor for temperature (K-Type)
  • Cutter knife
  • SMD hook
  • Cleaning pen with three spare inserts
  • Capton tape
  • Magnifier
  • Power cable
  • Manual

Technical details

Power consumption:550 VA
Power heating system:500 W4 x IR-lamps
Size heating system:105 x 130 mm2
Number of temperature sensors:1 x internally inst. & 1 x external opt.
Number of profiles:25 memory slots
Max. component size:55 x 55 x 4 mm3
Mains:1 Phase, 230 VAC
Dimensions:150 x 300 x 85 mm3




Modules & attachments

HB00.4005Process Gas Connection Setx 1auf Anfrage
martin-image-placeholderHB00.0112Switch Box Process Gasx 1auf Anfrage
Martin-420-Solder ballsVD90.5104Solder balls, 250µm (=3g), 50,000 pcx 1auf Anfrage
Martin-420-Solder ballsVD90.5101Solder balls, 762µm (=86g), 50,000 pcx 1auf Anfrage
Martin-4304-Flux Pen lead freeHT00.0009Flux Pen lead-freex 1auf Anfrage

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