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Model# V3040

V3040 is a new vacuum reflow oven, which is in common use,high-efficient,all technology,high vacuum,strengthen system protection,operate easily,maintenance conveniently,at the same time have multi-angles high power video surveillance cameras,transcribe with real temperature curve,vaccum degree and other important technical parameters at the same time.Strengthen the monitoring and analysis of new product process and welding products.Powerful process database,it can guide you to find the solution of problem,different levels of operating person can master equipment technology and operation debugging.?


Application:IGBT module,MEMS package,High Power component package, Photoelectric component package and vacuum package etc.
1.Monitor system: Visible window used for watching the soldering process on the fly.
2.Heating system: Machine configured with 6 sets heating modes and all independently work under vacuum condition.
3.Up/Bottom heating system, machine configured with current inverter to control temperature accurately, at the same time to guarantee the temperature on holder is even.
4.Vacuum system: Machine configured with high speed direct coupled rotary – vane Vacuum pump to realize 0.1 mbr vacuum condition quickly, Max. Vacuum rate is 0.01 mbar
5.Chilling system: Adoption of water chiller to guarantee quick cooling down under the vacuum condition.
6.Software system: Programmable temperature control system, temperature curve can be set according to different craftmanship, each temperature curve could be automatically setup, edit, modify and save.
7.Control system: Modularized software design to guarantee independent setup of temperature curve, vacuum extraction, atmosphere eutectic condition, chilling and so on.
8.Atmosphere eutectic system: Realize soldering without flux, may fill in H2, N2/H2 gas mixture, HCOOH, N2 and other revivification or protective gas to guarantee good welding spot without cavity
9.Data record system: Continuous and real time monitor and record system, software curve record, temperature curve record,craftmanship data save, machine parameter record and read.
10.Multiple atmosphere option: N2.N2/H2.Pure H2.HCOOH(N2 carrier gas)
  ArH2 plasma aided process.


GeneralNameVacuum Reflow Oven
Model No.V3040
Machine Size(L*W*H)1400 *800*1300 mm
WeightAbout 500kg
Rate of helium leak in the chamber5*10-9 mbar*l/s, O≤2ppm(5mbar).½
Lower Vacuum5*10-1 Pa
Higher VacuumCooling station: 5*10-4 Pa, working station: 5*10-³ Pa
Soldering size400*300mm
Furnace height100mm
Temperature rangeMax:450ºC
Heating RateMax: 120ºC/min(Upper can reach 300ºC/min)
Cooling Rate≥120ºC/min
Temp. Deviation on PCB±5ºC
Drawer Loading capacity120KG
Chamber load12kw
Heating platformSpecial customized platform
Power supply5 lines 3 phases 380V 50/60hz
ElectricMax: 3*20A, 50-60HZ(Option: up heating 3*40A)
Control systemControl methodPLC+IPC
Monitor windows5
Temperature curveTemp+ time (can store several curves Temperature of 150 segments)
Option systemMonitoring and analysis of welding processOption: 50-200 times magnification, observation and analysis
Video monitoring of welding processMake full use of the video and temp. curve
FA(Formic Acid)Suitable for low activity soldering flux and tightness
H(Hydrogen)100%HSuitable for low activity soldering flux and tightness. With Monitor and hydrogen device can be optional.
N+ HWarm air, as usual, it is 5-10% Hwith N, suitable for the higher safe requirement


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