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NeoDen IN6 conveyor reflow oven

NeoDen IN6, a desktop reflow oven, using new technology of dynamic warming-up control system to ensure stable temperature. With a no tubular heater, the whole heating chamber is uniformly heated, and built with all-aluminium alloy material.

IN6 has built-in soldering smoke filtering system, which do not need traditional smoke tube any more.

IN6 solders PCB in full convection way which could make sure the components heated evenly and it supports most normal components, LED and kinds of IC.


  • Full convection, excellent soldering performance.
  • 6 zones design, light and compact.
  • Smart control with high sensitivity temperature sensor, the temperature can be stabilized within +0.2℃.
  • Original high-performance aluminum alloy heating plate instead of heating pipe, both energy-saving and high-efficient, and transverse temperature difference is less than 2℃.
  • Original built-in soldering smoke filtering system, elegant appearance and eco-friendly.
  • Heat insulation protection design, thecasing temperature can be controlled within 40℃.
  • Household power supply, convenient and practical.
  • ESD tray, easy to collect PCB after reflowing, convenient for R&D and prototype.
  • Several working files can be stored, freely switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit, flexible and easy to understand.
  • Japan NSK hot-air motor bearings and Swiss heating wire, durable and stable.
  • Reinforced heavy-duty carton package, light-weight and environment-friendly.
  • PCB soldering temperature curve can be displayed based on real-time measurement
  • Approved by TUV CE, authoritative and reliable.



Reflow Oven IN6


Nguồn cấp110/220VAC 1-phase
Công suất đỉnh2000W
Số vùng nhiệt3 trên / 3 dưới
Vùng làm mát1
Kiểu gia nhiệtNichrome wire and aluminum alloy heating
Tốc độ băng tải15 – 60 cm/min (6 – 23 inch/min)
Chiều cao linh kiện tiêu chuẩn max30mm
Hướng băng tảitráit→phải
Nhiệt độNhiệt độ phòng~300℃
Độ chính xác điều khiển nhiệt±0.5℃
Độ phân bố nhiệt trên PCB±1℃
Chiều rộng vùng hàn260 mm (10 inch)
Độ dài khoang nhiệt680 mm (26.8 inch)
Thời gian gia nhiệtapprox. 15 min.
Kích thước máy1020 x 507 x 350 mm
Kích thước đóng gói1120x620x551mm
Trọng lượng tịnh49 kg
Trọng lượng phủ bì57 kg

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