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Lò hàn sóng Jaguar N450

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Lò hàn sóng Jaguar N450



1.Efficient, energy-saving, lead-free, environment-friendly, safe and brand-new design, simple

2.Automatic power system, frequency converter control, automatic board input system.

3.Flux sprays system using scanning spray nozzle, Japanese nozzles and rodless pneumatic cylinders and PLC control, accurate and reliable.

4.Preheating system uses three independent temperature control so that ensure the excellent heat preservation, temperature uniformity, temperature difference no more than


5.Special alloy transportation chain claws, non-stick tin and ensures the quality of welding

3.PCB board.

6.Tin stove adopts imported high frequency conversion motor independent control, stable performance.

7.Lead-free solder furnace with independent design, environmental protection and safety,e asy to clean.

8.Tin stove preheating furnace uses high-speed PID and 2 independent infrared heating (IR

4.heating) control.

9.Time can be controlled, we can preset switch functions, tin stove can heat within 90 minutes.

10.With black box memory function, the machine can always store the production management records, improve work efficiency.

11.Automatic claw cleaning function ensure the cleanliness of claws.

12.Reasonable design and sensitive fault security alarm system ensure the stable performance and operators’ safety.

13.Nitrogen Structure(optional): High accuracy Oxygen analyzer, Nitrogen consumption of 16m3/hr based on 300-500ppm.


Model No.JAGUAR N450
Number of heating zones4
Length of heating zones2000mm
Total/running power30KW/8-11KW
Air supply0.5MPa
Preheating methodMicro hot air
Preheating power220V 8KW
Control methodPC +PLC
Range of temp. controlRoom temperature—300ºC
Preheating timeAbout 10-15mins for setting 150ºC
Solder typeLead-free / Sn-Pb
Solder pot capacity420KG
Solder pot temperature300ºC
Solder pot materialPure titanium(standard)
Heating emitter power380V 8KW
Solder temp. control methodPID+SSR
Wave crest drive power1KW 220V
Wave crest height ControlFrequency converter
Warm-up time of solderAbout 180mins for setting 250ºC
PCB width50-350mm
Component clearanceTop 120mm(option 160mm) Bottom 15mm
Convey  speed0-2000mm/min
Convey height750+/-20mm
Convey  directionL→R (R→L optional)
Convey  angle4-7 º
Convey width adjustmentManual
Nitrogen structureOption
Flux pressure/capacity3-5 bar/6.5L
Power Requirement3P5W,380/220V 50Hz 63A

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