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1. Introduction

I’Magic Counter is the most multi functional component Smart counter system in the Nama Electronics Korea to provide.
This system has all in one system that can count for SMD, Axial & Radial components parts.
And also, the functions are available to check the pocket of missing parts and the default system to scan and print a barcode.

2. Prodcut Summary

It provides easy operating system to able to control the PCB consists of and individualized of main board, stepping motor, interface port, keyboard as 32 bit control system basis.
The product which PCB designed and produced as SMD module was to improve the quality of the envirnment by PCB coating for durability.
It has been designed both desk

3.  Features

● SMD, Axial and Radial : 3 in 1 counter

(01005 inch componens counting : optional)
● Semi-permanent Stepping Motor 12V
(Against competing products use AC motor which need to be replaced periodically)
● Pocket check feature (Check missing parts / defect (Black type only)): SKIP or STOP
(Against competing products don’t have any height adjustment of the sensor)
● Counting Memory feature
● Edit company name feature
● Built-in Rechargeable Battery (Lithium Ion Battery)
● Free voltage 110V ~ 220V. 50/60Hz
● Password feature
● 6 Keys Easy operation
● Supporting upgrade via connecting RS-232C or USB port (in the future)

Balance Table

No FeatureI’Magic
1Type of parts counterMotorized
2Count typeSMD
Axial, Radial
01005 inch(2mm pitch) chips
3Pocket check function for SMD chips
8,12,16,24mm ~ 48mm steps for black pocket reel
4 Mark a point on the Axial, Radial tape
5 Memory for counting quantity
6Pin no. feature for using machine (For distributor)
7Upgrade software with PC interface (in the future)
8Count 5,000 chips per 40~50sec.
9SMD counting direction

►:Left to Right , ◄:Right to Left)

10Bidirectional counting
11Edit company name, date, time 
12Interface 2 x RS232C Ports
 2 x USB Ports
13Keylight mode on the key pad
14Set SMD pitch (4~80mm with 20steps)●▲(2mm~)
15Automatic alignment mode
16Automatic power sleep mode. (20min)60min
17Adjust beep sound
18Adjust LCD contrast
19Anti-static connector
20Rechargeable battery
21Bulk scale interface to connect RS232C
(order production)
22Aluminum mold & Injection
23100~220V / 50~60Hz Free Power
24Extra DC adapter
(Free voltage switching adapter DC 5V / 2A)
25Standard Accessory 1) AC power cable
2) DC Adapter (only Mega)
3) Crank Handle(Manual type)
4) 6 anle screw driver
5)Operation Manual or CD
26Option 1. Dot Printer (label)
 2. Barcode Printer
 3. Barcode Scanner
 4. Foot remote control(opt)
27Weight (kg)8.0 kg
28Weight  for carton box (kg)11.0 kg
29Dimensions ( W x D x H )800 x 270 x 130
30Dimensions for carton box ( W x D x H )800 x 300 x 150


Balance Table

NoFunctionI’MagicGiga SOther CompanyRemark
1 Motorized typeDC SteppingAC Motor
2 Motor powerDC 12V (Input AC free voltage)AC 100V or 200V
3 Pocket check defactOO
4 Adjust height8,12,16,24 ~ 48mm step knob and
delicately adjust possibility
5 SMD, Axial, Radial countOFuture modelX
6 Printer typeBarcode or Dot PrinterBarcodeSelf Edit company name
from customer
7 Barcode hand scannerOONo need power
8 Last counting 

 Memory  mode

9 Foot remote control

 for Countingn(op)

10 Automatic alignment modeOX
11 Interface port2 x RS-232C, 2 x USB
Foot remote. Extra power
12 Automatic 

 Pwer sleep mode

13 Counting speed30~40 sec.40~50 sec.60 sec.



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