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Mould welding M/C

Laser mould welding machine welds a damaged part of a mold with the welding rod and hyperthermal energy generated in a short time using laser.
It makes a surface smooth through spark and grinding after welding. It generates less bubble, crack, damage and wear and precise welding is possible. Area affected by heat is small therefore precision mold is not altered. Welding depth is deep and the exterior is firm and smooth. Great dissolution doesn’t leave welding mark. The material melts in the welding area which generates no groove on the part where the mold is contacted.

• Simple and easy operation
• Stable performance for 24-hour operation
• Low maintenance cost
• Less alteration after welding
• 8-million hitting lamp used
• Cutting-edge light interruption system, less eye fatigue

Technical Data

Max. laser output power220W400W
Focus working distance300mm300mm
Laser wavelength1064nm1064nm
Welding wire sizeФ0.2 – Ф0.6mmФ0.2 – Ф1.0mm
Beam size range0.2 – 2mm0.2 – 2mm
Welding depth0.1 – 2.5mm0.1 – 2.5mm
Targeting position measurementRed beam markRed beam mark
Max. pulse energy90J110J
Pulse width0.2 – 20ms0.2 – 20ms
Laser straight line distanceFixed / 300mmFixed / 300mm
Power consumption≤7KW≤12KW
Cooling systemForced cooling systemForced cooling system
Power supply220V ±5%, 60Hz,40A380V ± 10%/60Hz/40A
Installation area1.5m×2m1.5m×2m


Specifications (Length × Width × Height)Main body890 × 530 × 1030mm (125kg)
Chiller790 × 630 × 880mm (87kg)
Work table570 × 530 × 700mm
Optical path of laser1590 × 230 × 280mm (110kg)


Mobile phone electronic device, car, motorcycle, model manufacturing and processing
▶ Suitable materials
S136, SKD一11, NAK80, 8407, 718, 738, H13, P20, W302, 2344 mold, carbon steel, regular alloy, stainless steel, beryllium copper, red copper, plastic mold of solid alloy material,, cast frame, forging mold, press frame, die-cast frame, etc.


CCD camera system

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