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Neoden8 is our newly developed and released pick and place machine, it is designed for SMT mass production. With 8 heads, 66 feeders max(all in 8mm), it is an excellent choice for high volume PCB production.

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★ 8 Synchronized Nozzles which ensure a repeatable placement accuracy with high speed

★ The machine runs on a highly stable and secure Linux operating system

★ Double mark cameras to reach at extreme end feeders for better calibration

★ High resolution and high-speed component camera system improves the overall speed of the machine

★ Ethernet communication interface for all internal signal travel makes the machine to perform more stable and flexible

★ Closed-loop servo control system with feedback makes the machine to function more accurate

★ Picking location of pneumatic feeder can be calibrated automatically and promptly, to ensure easy operation and high efficiency

★ PCB location can be calibrated automatically and promptly, based on the correct and specific placement request

ModelNeoDen K1830
Nozzle Q’ty8
Reel Tape Feeder Q’ty(Max)66 (Electric / Pneumatic)
IC Tray Feeder Q’ty10 (In Succession)
Max PCB size540*300mm(In Single Step)
Smallest Component Size0201(Electric Feeder Available)
Placement accuracy0.01mm
Max Component Height18mm
Max Placement Speed16,000CPH
Component RecognitionHigh-Resolution Flying Vision Camera System
PCB Fiducial RecognitionHigh Precision Mark Camera
PCB LoadingSynchronized 3 Stages Internal Conveyor
PCB Transfer DirectionLeft→Right
Air Supply>0.6MPa
Voltage220V/50HZ & 110V/60HZ
Net Weight280kgs
Gross Weight360kgs
Machine Dimensions1288×1062×1291mm(Without Tri-color lamp)
Packing Dimensions1420×1220×1665mm
Trọng lượng360 kg
Kích thước1420 × 1220 × 1665 cm

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