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QualityScan 3000

QualityScan 3000 is a fully integrated, stand-alone process control, measurement and inspection workstation for use in many applications in multiple industries.
QualityScan 3000 uses a PC Windows based software package integrated with a high-resolution, calibrated, A3 size flatbed scanner.
This combination allows for inspection of parts at virtually any stage of production. Parts can be inspected versus Gerber data, CAD data or Golden parts.



  • Catch problems BEFORE production floor – “Virtual problem”
  • Catch problems DURING production – “Sampling for SPC”
  • Eliminate REWORK
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Maximize existing capital investment
  • Reduce operator, engineer & management stress
  • Focus on SOLUTIONS versus problems
  • QualityScan 3000 systems are the standard in the industry for PCB/stencil/emulsion screen/film inspection – it’s the leading system in the world!
  • Inspection is needed – It is not acceptable to ship or use defective parts!
  • QualityScan 3000 is the lowest cost complete inspection system in the industry
  • 100% inspection of part using CAD data or a Golden Part
  • Inspect a wide variety of features on a single system… multi purpose
  • Inspection of parts in any material including FR4, Polyamide, Rodgers, Thermount.
  • Or plastic, paper, diazo, glass, chrome, electroform, stainless, silicon, etc
  • Systems are very easy to use and based on a standard PC platform
  • Optionally, create or modify CAD data to match existing parts when data is lost\



  • Power consumption: 45 W (2,8 W saving mode) (0,5 W in Standby)
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 656 x 458 x 158 mm
  • Weight: approx. 14,5 kg
  • Scan area: approx. A3 (310 x 437 mm)
  • Scan resolution: 2.400 dpi x 4.800 dpi
  • Absorbance:: 3,8 Dmax
  • Output resolution: 50 to 12.800 dpi
  • Connection:: 1 High Speed USB
  • Electric connection: 220 x 240 V (100 – 120 V optional) / 50-60 Hz 0,5 (0,9) A
  • System requirements: Multi Core Processor – 3Ghz, CD/DVD-ROM, Flat Panel Monitor, Ethernet Connection, Windows 7/8/10, 64-bit with 2 USB 2.x odder USB 3.x – Connections


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