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TITAN 3500

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TITAN 3500


The Titan 3500 is a double-sided spray etcher for high precision applications. In addition to the patented nozzle system, which ensures uniform wetting of the substrate, the substrate is rotated during the etching process to reliably prevent the formation of an etch shadow and uneven etching by e.g. the trace geometry. This enables structure resolutions down to 40μm with a copper thickness of 35μm.



This results in an extremely robust compact construction. The high-precision etching result is achieved by the uniform volume fl ow of the nozzle spray bar in conjunction with the rotating clamping wheel and the uniform liquid fl ow of the etching medium.

The special nozzles are internally designed in such a way that the full spray cone strikes the rotating etch material with a twist.

During the etching process, the clamping wheel is constantly rotated via a geared motor and transport rollers.

The titanium heating is controlled by a digital thermostat. The etchant pump is controlled by a digital timer with automatic reset and fi nal acoustic signal. Setting range 0-599 seconds.


  • Power supply: 230 V~, 50 Hz
  • Power: 1800 W
  • Usable format: 350 mm x 350 mm
  • Dimensionen (LxWxH): 950 x 750 x 1100 mm
  • Working height: 1150 mm
  • Tank volume: approx. 28L
  • Etching pump: Magnetic centrifugal pump with approx. 80l/min throughput (brutto)
  • Digital-timer for time range: 0-599 sec.
  • Weight: 90 kg
  • Heater: 1 x 1250 W Titanium heater, limited to 55°C



Digital temperature display



Titanium heater


Magnetic centrifugal pump


Spray nozzles

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